Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

If you searched online today hoping to find cheap car insurance for young drivers, Texas Home and Auto Insurance can start working for you today. If you are a parent investing in your teen’s first car, we can find you the best rates on cheap car insurance for young drivers. If you just graduated from college, found your first job, and bought a new car, we have cheap car insurance for young drivers in our young professionals program. If your last carrier advertised cheap car insurance for young drivers on late night television and you bought it, we can give you a much better rate here as a new customer approaching thirty.

Many people ask us, “How can you provide cheap car insurance for young drivers when young drivers are the most high risk drivers on the road?” There are several answers to this question. First, we at Texas Home and Auto Insurance do not consider the term “high risk driver” as a fixed absolute. (See why in our section entitled “Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers to learn why we believe this). Secondly, we quote cheap car insurance for young drivers much differently than our competitors. Almost anyone can offer you a “quick quote” on the spot. TV commercials, radio spots, newspaper ads, and Spam Emails are full of these solicitations that make all kinds of promises to parents and young people alike on how they can deliver cheap car insurance for young drivers in a matter of minutes. Such gimmicks are not only nonsense, they border on the unethical.

Cheap car insurance for young drivers takes time to prepare, and we at Texas Home and Auto take as much time as we need for each individual customer to ensure that we offer them the very best rates. We spend considerable time developing discounts
that are often lost in "quick quote" processes by implementing our specialized exposure analysis formula. “Exposure” refers to the anticipated total "payout" on any risk where a loss occurs. By analyzing such factors as where our drivers live, where and when they drive their vehicles, and the number of hours they spend behind the wheel, we can find discounts in multiple arenas that will total up to the very best cheap car insurance for young drivers the insurance business can offer. Don’t be discouraged either if you have had multiple accidents or accrued a bad-driving record. In the event that we cannot give you the very best rates we will find another carrier in Texas who provides cheap car insurance for young drivers and refer you directly to their office. Regardless of whether you are a parent, a student, or an up and coming professional, we will not leave abandoned on the side of the road.

George White, founder of Texas Home and Auto, has devoted his time and experience since 1983 to develop cheap car insurance for young drivers that is unsurpassed in both premium rate and attention to policy detail.

About the Author: George White personally has over 25 years experience in all facets of the Texas property and casualty insurance industry, including three years in underwriting, two in finance, one year in the comptrollers office, and four years in claims evaluation as a licensed examiner. This has given George White a broad understanding of all aspects of the insurance industry and the many complex perspectives that are involved. He will work to provide you with the best Texas auto insurance quote available to him, whatever your situation. George White can provide you with a wealth of information regarding, not only Texas auto insurance, but also your property, commercial and financial insurance needs—should you desire. George White and his helpful staff are eager to discuss your situation in detail and ensure that you receive the best possible coverage at the lowest rates. George White is convinced that Texans deserve service of this magnitude. This distinction will become clear once you learn more about us at http://www.texas-auto-home-insurance.com/.

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